German Shepherd Dog

Patrina Williams

Patrina Williams

Graduate of university of ohio with a master degree in wildlife management


In an ideal world, all German Shepherd breeders would be reputable, and would breed their dogs to ensure their health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world, and not all breeders care about the quality of the dogs they sell. Thus, not all..

Breed History

The German Shepherd Dog or GSD is also known by the name Alsatian or Deutscher Schaferhund. It is considered as somewhat a new breed since its origin can be traced back to 1899. It is under the Herding Group of the American Kennel Club, while The Kennel Club of United...

Beagles At A Glance

Training German shepherd puppies is relatively easier compared to training other puppies. For one, it doesn’t take a lot of hard work to train puppies in their early stages of development. Second, you are in luck if you are training a German shepherd. The German...

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